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Construction Quality Control Monitoring​

We have extensive experience in both installation and monitoring of various geotechnical instrumentation technologies.

Slope inclinometer monitoring is undertaken to identify any earth movement at the mining face for open pit mining to ensure the safety of draglines, electric shovels, hydraulic shovels, all support equipment and personnel in the area. It is also monitored to ensure the stability of structures such as tailings pond earth containment dams, slopes and large overburden storage facilities.

Piezometers are utilized to monitor the groundwater pressures and to identify fluctuations which might result in a stability issue or identify a geotechnical risk. Off take drains are monitored to ensure the filters within a structure are behaving effectively and responding to increased groundwater movement through structures such as water containment dykes. Thermistors are monitored to ensure temperatures below the surface remain within acceptable ranges and expectations.